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No coincidence between getting a HPV vaccination and the risk of developing Multiple Sclerosis (Paul-Ehrlich Institute 2016)

Reduction of  cardiovascular risk factors does unfortunately not lead to any protection to prevent dementia (Moll van Charante et al., Lancet 2016;388;797-805)

Evidence based treatment for Carpal tunnel syndrome: conservative treatment with splinting, steroid injections works, but operative treatment is treatment of choice. - (American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery 2016) 

Carotid endarterectomy superior and causes less complications in comparison to carotid stenting in cases of significant carotid artery stenosis . 

(Howard et al.; Lancet 2016;387:1305-11)

Ocrelizumab first licenced drug for secondary progressive MS - soon available in Ireland

Constipation, reduced ability to smell, REM-sleep-behavioural disorders can be early signs of Parkinson's disease.

Chronic Intake of Proton-Pump-Inhibitors are a risk factor for developing dementia: Gomm et al.;2016;JAMA Neurology;73:410-416

In order to preserve hearing in severe therapy-resistant vertigo due to Meniere's disease intratympanic Methylprednisolone should be tried first before Gentamicin

Pregabalin not working for chronic back pain - Mathieson et al.; 2017;Trial of Pregabalin in acute and chronic sciatica;N Engl J Med;376:1111-20.

Risk factors for unexplained death of Epilepsy - SUDEP: regular Grand-mal-seizures; respiratory problems after seizures;prone position during sleep;non-compliance with therapy.